Helmarcare and Community Services Limited provides personalised care to its clients . Here are some of the compliments sent by our clients thanking us for the good care services that we provide.


The carers were confident using the Isling and the Hoist, and used it correctly and without a need for any prompting. The client reamined very calm and relaxed during all the hoisting tasks. The carers were very gentle with the client and engaged well with her and the client was lauging with them and there seemed to be good rapport between them. The client hardly made any distressed sounds during the personal care - just few whimpers and the carers continued to be gentle with her and to reassure her.



Thanks for your response . Since your last visit , Mr X has called me many times to reiterate that he is very happy with the response you have given him relating to his concerns. He has also been very clear that he was wrong about the hospital discharge issues and he does not want to change agency as he is now satisfied with the service that you provide. Mr X has stated that he does not wish to change agency and has asked that RBK does not continue with his complaint. Regards



We would like to express our thanks to the carers who came here before we reduced hours to having just one. We also extends our grateful thanks to you both as care manager and assitant manager of Helmar. We have been very happy with the services provided by your company which has certainly contributed towards xxx's ongoing progress.

We are exceptionally fortunate in now having the ever delighful carer each day. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. We are also very pleased that J will takeover when M has her well deserved free days. She is another very friendly and caring person who always arrives with a smile. Thanks

Clients' Wife.


You recently cared for our friend. Athough your care was for a short time , you are clearly a caring organisation doing a wonderful job.Thank you from us. We have the pleasure on enclosing a donation to your good work. You have all been a comfort to our relative in his last days and also to us all. We loved having African Angels come. Thank you and God bless you all.