3D Foundations/Helmar/Ha2.eu - About this Project: The 3D Foundations project is a partnership between several organisations across the commonwealth including Hao2.eu ltd., Helmar, The School House Barbados, WABC China to learn about and explore the use of 3D virtual world technologies for learning and engaging people with complex needs. Helmar in partnership with Hao2.eu (a social firm) have been funded by Access 2 Information to work towards removing barriers and exploring innovative ways to use technology. Hao2.eu has ICT products and services that are highly effective at engaging and supporting the needs of people with disabilities such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and engaging young people. Both parties have products and services that are complimentary and can therefore improve their services to create new support, training and employment opportunities for young people and those who are unemployed or disengaged. APO has developed links with special schools and organisations across England Ireland, Barbados and China with expertise in supporting people with Autism. The partnership is teaching APO about potential of 3D virtual worlds as learning environments, and building capacity to navigate around virtual worlds for the purpose of using them as an extended classroom. It will also assist APO in creating a virtual space for staff development, networking and sharing of good practice. Helmar has a lead whose responsibility is to participate in meetings, attend training (remotely) and events as set out. The lead has to input the design and development of the 3D Foundations virtual project space to effectively meet the needs of the respective client group.