Our Services and Projects

Care services:

  • Providing care services to people in their homes
  • 24 hours care in peoples homes 
  • Living Care 
  • Assisting in shopping for and with clients. 
  • Night care, sitting  and sleep-in.
  • Personal care 
  • Meal preparation.
  • Wash, bath and shower
  • Relieve Care for families/relieve for carers on maternity/sick leave and holidays. 

Other services:

Drop-in Service

 We provide a free drop-in service on Tuesdays and Thursdays for members of the African and other BAME communities for various reasons.  We offer advice on healthcare and welfare, education access and   employment.  Where appropriate, we can refer service users to other provider agencies, to ensure they get prompt and adequate help.  There is also free access to computers and the internet.  This service takes place at our offices in Room 20, United Reformed Church, Eden Street, Kingston upon Thames from 10.30 am - 4pm.  For more information, please call our offices on 020 8546 1671 or 020 8546 4674.

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Job Skills Training

Helmar Care and Commuinty Services Limited continues to recruit home care workers at all times. We cover a six months common induction standard training on social care and specialist manadatory courses with home care workers and provide them with employment.  Our agency has lots of vacancies and there is work within and around the borough of Kingston upon Thames.  These care workers are now working with their assessor towards NVQ level 2.

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TB Awareness Campaign

TB remains one of the serious medical conditions that affect people from the African and Asian communities in the UK.  With many families travelling to Africa where TB is prevalent, it makes good public health sense to let more people be aware of the risks of infection.  We have developed a small-media resource which containes useful information and advice on TB, particularly for people with a weakened immune system, such as people living with HIV/AIDS.

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BME Communities on Dementia and Mental Health

Helmar continues to promote awareness of mental health and dementia among the African people together with the BME communities in living in the borough of Kingston and the surrounding areas.  This addresses the issues of depression, anxiety, mental health and dementia among the Africans and other Black ethnic minorities.  We have lots of information regarding this issues and if anyone is willing to read more, please call into our offices and our volunteers will be happy to assist you.

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Domestic Violence

The African community originates from a male dominated society where domestic violence is common.  In case of African women living with HIV/AIDS, acts of domestic violence are particularly a serious problem.

We promote awareness by providing practical help to African community who suffer domestic abuse by giving them information and advice, as well as advocacy so that they can access appropriate intervention services.  This includes signposting and referring victims to Women's Refuge and Victims refuge.  We developed and distribute leaflets with useful information on domestic violence.  Helmar works closely with Kingston domestic violence awareness subgroup which we are a member.

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Our Service Users

We expect our service users to:

  • Have care provided in accordance with the agreed care plan
  • To be treated as an individual, to make their own decisions on matters that affect their care
  • To maintain privacy in relation to their personal affairs and belongings
  • To be respected and never to be put in a situation where they are likely to feel demeaned
  • To be encouraged to be as independent as possible
  • Not to be discriminated against for any reason e.g. race, age, colour, religion, disability, sexual orientation, physical and financial circumstances
  • To have access to friends, relatives, religious leaders etc and to be assisted where necessary in making arrangements.


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